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Service Quality is defined by the guest: it’s guests who determine whether the service received was bad, good or Out-of-this-World… This may sound obvious, but how many companies take it upon themselves to decide on which service elements should be included in the service-delivery and how. The results can be disastrous, just have a look at TripAdvisor and you’ll see. So actually, the first thing a hospitality organization should do when it wants to serve its guests in the best possible way is to stop assuming it already knows how to do that!

Using proven methods to create an ongoing “dialogue” with guests is essential and part of the first pillar of KamiBantu’s in-house HOD training regarding Service Quality Improvement in guest contact departments. There is a total of four basic pillars which together point out in which areas the organization should be taking action to create the appropriate climate for Excellent Service.

The four pillars are:
1. Redesign to Wow the Guest
2. Hire and Retain the Best (employees)
3. Grow heartfelt Leadership (develop yourself and others)
4. Promote Interdepartmental Synergy

Following the four pillars, our in-house training encompasses:
• Guiding front-of-the-house HOD’s in the research, development and implementation of relevant service SOP’s that fit the service concept as it is expected by visiting guests. Also having a look at processes, systems, different types of policies and procedures, rules and regulations (HR as well as departmental) to make sure these support the overall service process.
• Coaching teamleaders (HOD’s /supervisors) in how to create a service-minded climate within their department (removing barriers and building bridges to great service, directing and motivating employees in their roles)
• Helping departments which heavily depend on each other create interdepartmental synergy.

With the right amount of support from Top-Management this systematic approach will allow a company to start building the type of service culture that is needed for delivering Top-Of-The-Top service to the guest. The training is given to teamleaders, on- and off-the-job. For total commitment from the teams we strongly suggest that also the General Manager gets actively involved in the process.

4, 3, 2, 1… GO!
All 4 pillars together form the foundation that is needed to bring the company to the next level service-wise. The pillars can also be addressed separately if your company needs support on some of them more than on others. If you would like us to quick-scan your organization, contact us for an appointment.

For short-term, intensive, turn-around projects KamiBantu has developed the Explore Excellence Program, a program that takes care of some of the fundamental elements that make up these four pillars. Please contact us directly for more information about this dynamic program.

Is your organization aligned to your guests’ needs & wishes? Are you ready to go the extra mile?

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