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We are proud to announce that, as one of our newest services, KamiBantu now facilitates creative problem-solving sessions for companies/teams that are in urgent need for change. To very shortly explain, this creative problem-solving process covers:
– getting to the core of the problem,
– finding the best possible solution(s) and
– creating a ready-for-action plan for implementation.

Due to lots of existing and newly opening hotels looking for good people, oftentimes the great service-minded employees within an organization get offered an opportunity elsewhere and leave. It is a real pity to see the people who have a natural talent in connecting with your guests stop being your companies’ representatives. But also, investments you made in terms of money, time and energy to train your employees well turn into a cruel kind of wastage once your top-performers start working for your competitors.

This is an example of a problem that can be used for a CPS session. If your hotel is indeed losing a lot of employees to its competition, we can facilitate a session with a carefully selected group of your people and together think of ways to deal with the problem. In our dynamic problem-solving sessions we employ proven methods to stimulate the group to use their creative brainpower to come up with unexpected but relevant and practical solutions. At the end of the session you will have an energized team of people committed to the solution and a complete action-plan ready to be carried out!

If you are wondering if your specific problem-situation would benefit from a CPS session, just drop us a message with a short description and we get back to you.

The Best Way to outsmart competition is to Get Creative!

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