Invest in the future. In 4 days we teach you everything you need to know about hotel operations and management. The 4 days are spread over a two weeks period. This will give you the opportunity to put what you have learned instantly into practice and evaluate results with us. In the link below you will find the schedule with the different course dates.
The schedule...


The fee is including 7 coffee/tea breaks, 4 lunches, course materials and a certificate (after successful completion of the programme you will receive this certificate of participation).
(If your hotel registers more than one participant we are able to give a special rate)

Are you open to challenges? We challenge you to become the best you can be!

This programme, which is meant for people in leading positions (from supervisors until top-managers), will be given by Mr. B. Doesburg, a professional trainer who has been a GM in two hotels of a leading hotel chain in The Netherlands.

"We developed this unique programme which explains hotel management in a very practical and logical way. We give examples

Mr. B. Doesburg (trainer)

and work with assignments to give you the tools to improve your daily performance. We absolutely believe that it will help you to get the best out of yourself."

Although the modules are given in English, Mr. Doesburg uses Bahasa Indonesia to clarify.

It's Personal......
We believe service comes from the heart, therefore you as a person are our number one priority. No full classes with many people in it, but personal attention by keeping the groups small (a maximum of 15 participants) so there is room for your specific needs. Consistently we included an individual consult with the trainer as part of your Personal Development.
It's Practical .....
Many books have been written and seminars are given about management, but how does it work in reality? This has been the starting point in the development of the programme and its reason for existence. Both your knowledge about hotel operations and your skills in leading people will be directly addressed.
It's Profitable!
Not only you as a person will benefit, but also the company you work for. You will learn to look for ways to increase revenues, to reduce costs, to improve quality and to satisfy guests.
1. Personal Development
2. Strategic Planning
3. Organizing of Resources
4. Leading Employees

Controling /
Finance for Non-Financials

6. Revenue Management
7. Change / Crisis Management
8. Individual Consult
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1. Module Personal Development
2. Module Strategic Planning
Learn how to:
Be a pro-active manager, take initiative
Think in solutions instead of problems
Set your personal goals
Define your role in the organization
Define your internal customer
Work with people
Create a win/win/win situation
Set priorities (Time-Management)
Delegate tasks
Learn how to:
Become a more effective / efficient manager
Define the consequences of the internal and external environment on your operation
Create your company vision, values and mission statements
Set the right short and long term goals
Implement the goals in your day-to-day operation
Set SMART objectives
Match strategy with company culture
3. Module Organizing of Resources
4. Module Leading Employees
Learn how to:
Organize work in five steps
Assign responsibility through job description
Optimize processes by making them profit-, quality- and guest satisfaction- oriented
Organize Human Resources, get the right
people in the right place
Train & develop employees effectively
Empower employees
Set Standard operating procedures (SOP’s)
Learn how to:
Distinguish between the 3 managerial roles
Develop characteristics to be a good leader
Influence, direct and motivate employees
Take the lead and make decisions
Keep effective meetings

Improve the communication process

Build a team culture
5. Module Controling / Finance
6. Module Revenue Management
Learn how to:
Use controlling to measure progress towards goals
Use controlling as a tool to improve service quality
Use controlling as a tool to motivate employees
Understand and analyze hotel results (P&L) on all the different departments
Improve your hotel /department GOP
Read figures, Finance for non-financials
Set Standard operating procedures (SOP’s)
Learn how to:
Think and work SMART
Brainstorm for profit increasing possibilities
Handle low and high demands in your hotel
Use up-selling techniques to improve your rofit and service level
Implement yield in your hotel with practical direct-to-use frameworks
Make yield a part of organizational culture
7. Module Change / Crisis Management
8. Individual Consult
Learn how to:
Be open to change
Plan changes in your operation
Awaken creativity to solve problems

Deal with the 3 important forces of
resistance to change

Lead your organization through a
Handle a financial crisis situation
Each participant has a private consult with the trainer about his/her personal development


The 4-day programme is spread over a two weeks period. This will give you the opportunity to put what you have learned instantly into practice and evaluate results with us.  
Modules per day
Day 1 - Personal Development Day 2 - Organizing of Resources
  - Strategic Planning   - Leading Employees
Day 3 - Controlling Day 4 - Change Management
  - Finance for non-financials   - Crisis Management
  - Revenue Management    
Individual consult
Each participant also gets a private consult with the trainer for 1,5 hour. The scheduling of the consults will take place once the programme is running.
The fee is including 7 coffee/tea breaks, 4 lunches, course materials and a certificate of participation.
The group size is restricted to a maximum of 15 participants. We recommend you to register quickly to be sure of participation.
Will be announced
Upon acceptance to the programme, you will receive a written invitation and an invoice.